We specialize in sales of computer accessories,Computer parts eg. screens,hard disks,Rams etc,Security systems like CCTV cameras and Anti Theft systems, UPS,Antivirus softwares,Training Systems, Printers and their consumables

Diagnostics & Maintenance Services
System diagnostics & troubleshooting, System cleaning and Tune-up, Full system diagnostics, Virus, spyware etc. scan and removal

Repair Services
Hard drive install, RAM memory install, laptop display panel install, Windows or Mac OS install/setup, Dell/Apple warranty repairs, we service all brands

Upgrades and Computer Parts
Memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades, add-on card install/setup (modem, network, WiFi, video) Desktops – System board and processor, Cables and connectors for IDE and SATA drives, AC adapters and power cords, many other upgrades and service