ISWEYA TECHNOLOGIES is a company incorporated in Kenya and engaged in Information and Communication Technology products.Throughout the years, ISWEYA foremost objective is to be associated with reliable products and services that fulfill and satisfy current market needs.
These services are unequaled in excellence and are all backed by the brand of service and support that customers have come to expect from ISWEYA .This includes 100 percent testing, comprehensive warranties, and domestic free delivery throughout the country.
ISWEYA secret recipe is to combine outstanding product and service performance with competitive pricing to form a successful business strategy.
Our success is not measured by revenue alone; it is rather the number of satisfied customers, who rely on ISWEYA to run their businesses ISWEYA learned early that trust is earned through attention to detail, consistency, reliability and the drive to innovate.
In addition to this, ISWEYA also provides complete range of IT products and Accessories

Our Core Values and Principles

  • God is our unseen Partner in every transaction and the silent witness of every conversation.
  • We will only operate with complete integrity.
  • We will recognize that others around us are there to help us grow in our character and we will strive to become honorable people.
  • We will use our sphere of influence in an honorable way to build up, not harm those around us.
  • We will plan for the future, but will have contingency plans should our hopes not be realized.
  • Success in our work is ultimately from the blessing of God.
  • We will strive not to be manipulated by the system, by the competition, or by the marketplace.
  • We owe it to ourselves and our customers to learn how to get the maximum we can in everything we do.
  • In all our work, we will strive to achieve the greatest reward, joy, productivity, and result from capital we deploy.
  • We will compete in the marketplace as if everything depended upon the result, but end our work each day knowing that God, our loved ones and our health are more important
  • We will help each other wherever possible. We will explore every reasonable possibility to overcome problems we face, and we will realize that our problems are often opportunities in disguise.
  • Our relationships are more important than our profits. Together as a team we are stronger.